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Episode 11 - Lunar Eclipses and attacks on the USA

In this episode we look at Lunar Eclipses, what causes them, how often they happen, and take a peek at the Lunar Eclipses that occurred around some significant events for the United States of America. We look at the Lunar Eclipses before the Alamo, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attack on 911.

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Timestamps/Chapters for podcast

0:00 Intro
0:09 What are Lunar Eclipses
0:58 The Nodes and Eclipses
4:07 Solar vs Lunar Eclipses
4:40 Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house
4:57 Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd house
5:18 Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd house
5:46 Lunar Eclipse in the 4th house
6:13 Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house
6:37 Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house
8:16 Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house
8:53 Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house
9:58 Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house
10:46 Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house
11:29 Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house
12:18 Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house
13:18 Cancer Ascendants and eclipses
13:46 Annual Profections and eclipses
14:05 Aspects from the eclipse to your natal chart
15:39 Saros and Metonic Cycles
18:50 Columbus and the Lunar Eclipse
21:53 Lunar Eclipse example charts
23:39 The Sibley Chart
25:03 Pearl Harbor and the prior Lunar Eclipse
27:36 9/11 and the prior Lunar Eclipse
29:43 The Alamo and the prior Lunar Eclipse
32:25 The Aries Ingress Chart
34:46 The Aries Ingress Chart for The Alamo
39:13 The Aries Ingress chart for Pearl Harbor
42:40 The Aries Ingress chart for 9/11
45:38 Lunar Eclipses for individuals
46:52 Contact Donna
47:37 Contact Lynda
48:58 Outro

Transcript for Lunar Eclipses and Astrology episode

Donna – Hi, welcome to Astro Babble. I’m Donna from Donna B Astrology.

Lynda  – And I’m Lynda from Scullywag Astrology.

Donna – And we’re going to talk about the Lunar Eclipse today.

Lynda – So a Lunar Eclipse is when we have a Full Moon and we have the Lunar Nodes close enough to the luminary, the Moon or the Sun, because they’re opposite each other at the time. Within 3° and 45 minutes it will be a Total Lunar Eclipse and if it’s within 12 degrees and 15 minutes it will be a Lunar Eclipse of some type.

And unlike a Solar Eclipse, where only a certain portion of the earth will be able to see the actual eclipse, with Lunar Eclipses, if it’s night time you’ll be able to see it. If you’re (in) daytime, you won’t.

Donna – Right and a way to explain the nodes is if this were the earth – it’s a little darker than we like it. And this is… this circle right here would be the orbit of… well how the Sun would look…from the earth…  you know, the Sun… the earth goes around the Sun, but this is how it looks (from our view on earth) and this is the elliptical.

This is where all the planets reside in a space about like this, around that elliptical of the planets that we’re using in the constellation and for astrology. This would be and resemble the Moon’s orbit. So if the earth were here and this is the Sun’s orbit the Moon’s orbit goes around on the silver one around here and the nodes are where these two connect right here.

So, as they go through… where, as the luminary, as the Moon goes around. The Moon kind of wobbles every once in a while so these will go back and forth and that’s what creates… when you see it in retrograde. So it’ll, it can go like that or it can go…it’s really tight.

It goes back and forth but that’s how and that’s why they’re different and that’s why those nodes change because this part is the North (Node) and then this part would be the South Node. From here to there. So that’s how they go.

They… it all runs on the elliptical.

Diagram of the Moon's Nodes

SuperManuLunar eclipse diagram-it, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Lynda – Yeah. And because the moon has a 28 day cycle, it’s making a connection to that Node. You know, the Moon does come to the North or the South Node every 14 days, but it has to be the Moon’s making that connection with the Node plus it’s a Full Moon, so the Sun is opposite (the Moon), or it’s a New Moon when the Sun is conjunct (the Moon). So that happens every six months or so.

Donna – Yeah and they usually happen, they go in that, they follow that same Saros Cycle but they don’t number them in Saros Cycles for the lunar ones.

Lynda – Yeah, I think Saros Cycles, as far as I’m aware, they’re only for Solar Eclipses which are really interesting because they belong to a family. Every 18 years and about 10 days you get an eclipse from the same family but it will move from… 

So if like this… we’ve got one coming up at 10 degrees Taurus. This is in May, early May 2022 or late April 2022. But the previous one was at like 0° of Taurus. So it’s moved 10 degrees because it’s 10 days. So 18 years ago, and you know how many days. 

Solar Eclipses tend to be more external. Things, outside events happening to you because eclipses tend to be a little bit shocking. A little bit surprising. They can kind of shine a light on something that’s been a little bit hidden or, you know, swept under the carpet.

So Solar Eclipses tend to be external whereas Lunar Eclipses tend to be more internal. Tends to be a little bit more emotional too.

Lunar Eclipses through the houses

Donna – And are we ready to talk about what will it do within the (natal) houses?

Lynda – Yeah, that sounds good.

Donna – Okay, if it happens in your first house, you might want to be ending something, or, finishing up a project that you’ve been working on. That would be a thing that could, could happen.

Lynda – And if you have a Lunar Eclipse happening in your second house this is events, quite possibly sudden. Maybe you’ve been kind of ignoring financial issues because this is a house to do with your personal finances, your income and your resources. So something regarding that might come to light at this time.

Donna – And if it is in your third house it’s going to have a lot to do with finishing up things in your community. Whether it’s, school projects or, if you wanted to do something in the center of town and you are finishing up that group or whatever that would be a manifestation of an eclipse happening in your third house.

Lynda – And if the Lunar Eclipse is happening in your fourth house this is the house of your home, living situation, real estate and your family, particularly your parents. So this could have something to do with your emotional connection with your parents. Maybe something comes to light. Maybe you’ve been kind of ignoring something or other family members. Or it could be related to your house.

Donna – Your home. Yeah and if it’s happening in your fifth house it’ll have to do with your children or your creative projects you’re finishing up. So I know up here the the kids are getting out of school. They might have been working on a play all winter and now they’re finishing it up and so that would be totally what I would expect to do with the fifth House.

Lynda – The sixth house. If the Lunar Eclipse is happening in your sixth house, this is traditionally a house of illness. It’s also a little bit of an irritating house. You know, quite often you got a malefic in the sixth house, it’s kind of like just irritating things. You know, you catch every red light when you’re going through, when you’re… particularly if you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry. It’s just, it’s just an irritating house. It’s kind of… it’s the joy of Mars here.

So, something coming to light in the sixth house. It could have something to do with your health. It could have something to do with pets because that’s also indicated by the sixth house or it could be working conditions. And it could also just be, you know, that daily irritation that you get sometimes but it’s likely to be something surprising, unexpected, shining a light on it.

Donna – Yeah or possibly even you know all of a sudden deciding – hey, I’m going to, you know, finally have that foot surgery I’ve been putting off.

Lynda – Yeah yeah quite possible. Or you thought it was going to be… I don’t know about over there but over here we have waiting lists for some hospital things and it’s kind of like – you thought you’re going to have to wait a year or two but suddenly somebody’s cancelled and you’re able to get in quickly. That could certainly be something like that.

Or you, like said, you’ve decided, because it’s emotional, that, I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to get it done. 

Donna – Right. Or at least get the process started. And then if it happens in your seventh house you might be making this decision to change up your relationship because the seventh house has everything to do with the other one-on-one relationships you have with people. 

So it could be finishing up a relationship or changing it in some way. You might decide to change… you know, stop whatever you’re doing now and then change into doing something different. So I would look for that. If you’re thinking about it, this would be the time it would crop up into your brain.

Lynda – Yeah yeah. And if the Lunar Eclipse is happening in your eighth house, this is other people’s money. It’s debts, loans, financial agreements. It’s resources that you share with others and it can also be death.

Though we’re not saying that somebody’s going to die but eclipses are said to sometimes eclipse people in or out of your life or events or things in or out of your life. So that is a possibility but, normally that would not be necessarily what’s going to happen.

It could be that you’ve decided, this financial agreement you’ve been wrangling with your ex needs to be sorted now. Maybe you’ve been resistant to it or they’ve been resistant to it and now you just decide – okay the time is now. This is what needs to be done. Move on. Let’s finish this.

Donna –  If (the eclipse is in your) ninth house. You could be wanting to finish up a degree, or anything (related to) higher education. So if you’ve been working on a project that you need to get done so that you can continue or complete your higher education, this would be probably a time that you would choose to do that. Because it’s all that… that internal, you know, my own thoughts so.

Lynda – Yeah. And it’s also the house of foreigners and overseas travel so matters related to that might factor into that as well.

Donna – Legal matters as well.

Lynda – Yeah yeah that’s a good point. And if this is happening over your tenth house. This is the house of your career. Public reputation. Yeah, it’s fame. It’s also notoriety. So something could come to light at this time. It could have something to do with work, with bosses, or just regarding you…  

If you’ve been trying to hide something unfortunately this might be a time when it comes to light. Hopefully not. But this is a very, very visible house. But it it would tend to be shocking, surprising, something you didn’t expect.

Donna – Okay. So for the eleventh house if you have it happening in your eleventh house you’re going to be changing up things that you have with groups. So if you have a group of, you know, that you have gotten together you might either be deciding to end it or change it up. Cuz this has, this has things to do with the people that are in your life that support you.

Lynda – With the 11th house too you got that “hopes and dreams”. So, I think particularly since this is the Lunar Eclipse and it’s likely to be quite emotional maybe there might be a turning point. Maybe you decide – you know what? I’m going to go for it. Or maybe it’s a time when you’re actually reaching a goal. So that would be nice too. 

And if it’s the twelfth house this is the house of our undoing. This might include addictions, self-defeating habits, escapism. So it could be a case of this is a time when you’re kind of exposed.

It’s also associated with places of confinement. So this could be prisons or hospitals. But it can also be places of retreat. Spirituality. Monasteries. Places like that are often associated with the twelfth house as well.

So something to do with one of those matters could be coming to light at this time or could be spotlighted. As we said it’s quite emotional. So maybe it’s kind of very internal and maybe it’s like – you know what? I don’t need that habit anymore. I don’t… it’s not working for me and I’m going to do something about that.

Donna – Yeah and with all all the eclipses if you’re a Cancer rising (ascendant) the eclipses tend to work on you a little bit more than the other person (those who don’t have Cancer rising). So be mindful of that.

Lynda – Because if Cancer is your ascendant that means the Moon is the ruler of your chart. Also there’s a technique called Annual Profections – and we’re going to have to do a podcast about that.

Donna – That would be fun.

Lynda – Yeah I love Annual Profections. And if you’re in a year where the Sun or the Moon is the Lord of the Year, eclipses are going to be more significant that year. And of course, sometimes eclipses come along and they just don’t seem to make any difference to your life.

It’s probably because it’s not making a connection with your chart. Usually you would want an eclipse degree to be either conjunct, which means right on it. Opposite or square it. And probably within about 2° either side. So if the eclipse degree was say 10° Taurus we would want it from say maybe 8° to 12° Taurus or Scorpio, Aquarius or Leo.

Otherwise you just might not feel it. Sometimes eclipses come and go and it just doesn’t impact you. Other times it’s like wow!

Donna – Yeah. Let’s hope it, the wow factor isn’t so wowy. I have the Solar Eclipse on my Ascendant and this Lunar Eclipse is going to be on my husband’s Ascendant. So we have some work cut out for us, it looks like.

Lynda – Yeah. It’ll be interesting. It’s all part of being an astrologer. Living through these events and then kind of thinking – “Oh, that’s what that means”.

Donna – Yeah. Well it’s very revealing and it’s very nice to know that – alright, I’ve been through this. I kind of know what that is.

Lynda – Yeah. It’s helpful to know for sure. I think we were talking before about the Solar Eclipses and how they have the 18 year cycle but I do know that there’s a thing I think it’s called a Metonic Cycle with the Moon and I think that’s 19 years.

So, yeah. We love this book (Predictive Astrology – The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady, don’t we Donna?

This article includes affiliate links to various items. If you click on one of those links and purchase an item, we may (at no extra cost to you) earn a commission. 

Donna – Yes. This is, this is our Eclipse Bible.

Lynda – Yep it’s our Eclipse Bible. Bernadette Brady. And I… I’m sure I heard a whisper a couple of years ago on a podcast that she might be writing a book specifically about the Lunar Eclipses or a book that includes more information about that.

I’m really interested because I mean there’s all this information about the the Saros Cycles and how we can relate different Solar Eclipses together. It’d be really interesting to be able to do the same thing with Lunar Eclipses if possible. So we don’t know at the moment but we look forward to it.

And I do wonder, I mean because every 18 years you have the Nodes come back to where they were. So every 18 years you have the kind of same houses of your chart highlighted. So whether that’s the Solar Eclipse doing it and the Lunar Eclipse is just along for the ride or, whether the Lunar Eclipse is kind of doing a 19 year cycle and the Solar Eclipse doing an 18 year cycle. I don’t know.

Donna – I think the Solar Eclipses are a little bit more impactful. From what I’ve been doing.

Lynda – More external. Yeah. They’re easier to kind of relate to and go – that happened. Rather than – I felt this way. 

Donna – Yeah. It’s definitely an interesting subject that’s for sure. And there’s a lot on it. I mean, the Nodes are used through not only Hellenistic and traditional astrology but it’s also in Indian astrology, it’s…  There’s all different kinds of… probably Chinese astrology uses the Nodes.

Lynda – It’s been (around) for a long time. It was the ancient Babylonians that with the Solar Eclipses put it together that they… they’re in these Saros Cycles. So it just blows my mind that these ancient people had such incredible detailed knowledge.

Donna – Yeah the first the first eclipse that was recorded was March 5th, 1223. So that is a long time ago. That’s BC.

Lynda – Wow.

Donna – That was BC that they were realizing that eclipses have and are part of the same family as they go up, you know a chart. Or up you know through the their

Christopher Columbus and the Lunar Eclipse

Lynda – Yeah and I just remembered a story I read years ago about the Lunar Eclipse and Christopher Columbus. He and his crew were on an island or were somewhere and the indigenous people had welcomed them and had fed them and helped them every way that they could. But Christopher Columbus and his crew were you know… like the saying goes – “visitors and fish smell after three days”.

So, they kind of outstayed their welcome and the indigenous people were getting very impatient with them. Wanted them to leave. Christopher didn’t want to do this and… but he had an almanac, which had all this information and he knew for where he was there was going to be a Lunar Eclipse. As we were saying with a Lunar Eclipse as long as it’s dark at the time everybody can see it. So, like half the world can see, a Lunar Eclipse as long as it’s dark.

And he knew that there was going to be a Lunar Eclipse, a Total Lunar Eclipse so the Moon looks blood red at that time because the earth’s shadow falls on the Moon and he knew that that was going to happen that night or the next night or whatever. So he goes to the person that’s in charge of the indigenous people and he says “Our God is not happy that you’re doing this to us and you’re going to know about it”.

And, then you know this Lunar Eclipse, it’s blood red and the indigenous people are like “Oooooh”. We better help them. 

I just thought that… that blew my mind. Having that knowledge kind of saved them because I kind of got the impression, reading between the lines, they might have been… it could have been very, very brutal. They could’ve been killed.

But I will find the link for that and put that in the description. But I just remember when I was looking into eclipses years ago reading that and just thinking that’s brilliant and I’m sure there’s plenty of other really, really cool stories.

Donna – Yeah just one example that astrology can help you out.

Lynda – Astrology saves.

Donna – Right. Okay. So, for these, for these eclipses, they really only will impact you if they’re hitting your natal chart within like 2 degrees. They have to be within 2 degrees on it or square (or opposite) it.

So if you’re looking at your chart and you’re going oh you know I have something at that degree – it has to be within two degrees. So when we say that a Lunar Eclipse will happen at  X degrees it’s gotta be within 2 degrees of that. 

The USA Sibley Chart and the Lunar Eclipses prior to big events

Lynda – Yeah and we had a look at some… it’s really hard to find charts… you know, typing into Google “famous people Lunar Eclipse events”… Google isn’t set up to help us that way.

But we did have a look at some events at the US Sibley Chart, which is the chart… and it is a little bit controversial because there are a few different… people have different opinions about the chart for the US which is the chart for when the the US was founded I suppose as a… democracy is it?

Donna – Yeah our country.

Lynda – Is that what the founding fathers called it? Independent nation or…?

Donna – Yes, yes an independent nation.

Lynda – Anyway so we had a look at some Lunar Eclipses that happened just before some big events. We had The Alamo, which is a very famous event. And Donna can tell us about that but I’m Australian and even I’ve heard of it. I don’t know what it is but I’ve heard of it.

And we’ve got Pearl Harbor, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which brought the US into World War 2; and we have 9/11, which, of course, everybody knows what that is.

So, I might bring the charts up.

Donna – That’d be great.

Lynda – Oh and then me and Donna, because I’m sure the astrology is a bit kooky at the moment – we got a little bit distracted and had a look at the Aries Ingress charts and they were very very telling I thought. We’ve done a podcast about Aries Ingress chart so we will actually put that (link) in the description.

But this is the US Sibley chart. The chart for the USA.

The Sibley Chart for the USA

Sibley Chart for the USA
The Sibley Chart, for the USA

Donna – Yeah I did a I did a history on through the houses…  learning the houses for the Sibley chart. So this is the same chart that we used and I find it… when we use it… I find that it’s very telling when you match it against, eclipse charts, Aries Ingress charts, the whole thing.

Yeah. So, I’m pretty comfortable using the the Sibley Chart.

Lynda – I am too. I really like it and I know a lot of astrologers are very happy with it too. But, there are people that say “oh, that’s not the real chart”, so. I just wanted to kind of say, you know… I’m not saying this is definitively it, but we like it and we use it.

So yeah and as Donna said we did that podcast on Saturn Through the Houses (of the Sibley Chart). That was really interesting and I’ll drop a link to that in the description as well.

The Lunar Eclipse prior to Pearl Harbor

The USA Sibley Chart on the inside and the Lunar Eclipse prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor on the outside

Lynda – So that is the Sibley Chart. You can see it’s got an ascendant of 12 ° Sagittarius. Which will be very telling. And we’re just going to have a look at what we call a bi-wheel. So we have the Sibley Chart, which is the chart for the US. So it’s like a natal chart for the USA.

And then on the outside we will have the chart of an event or an eclipse. So we had Pearl Harbor in 1941. The bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii which led to the US entering the war. And that was the the 7th of December 1941. But the prior eclipse was the 5th of September 1941. So I’m just going to bring that up. The Lunar Eclipse which means it was a Full Moon. So the Sun and the Moon are opposite and it’s at 12 degrees of Pisces.

Donna – Right. And this happened in the water. Pisces is a great example of exactly where it happened. In the sixth house… when you’re ever looking at a mundane chart that has everything to do with the Navy or the Armed Services. And Saturn is the planet that rules ships. For it (Saturn) to be in the sixth house is very telling.

Lynda – Yeah. That eclipse degree. 12 degrees of Pisces is also square … the Ascendant (12 Sagittarius) of this Sibley Chart and squares are tension. Challenging. It’s stress and the Ascendant represents the country. In general. So yeah it’s really interesting.

We also had Jupiter in the eclipse chart very close to Mars in the (7th house of) the Sibley Chart. Mars is aggression and the seventh house in a a mundane chart – in a chart not for a person but for a country – the seventh house is…

Donna – Open enemies.

Lynda – Yeah, other countries. Interesting because it was aerial. And that Jupiter is travel and I imagine it would…

Donna – Far away.

Lynda – …be aircraft. Yeah from a foreign country. But I just thought it was rather striking that… that eclipse was square to the degree that Ascendant Descendant axis (of the Sibley Chart).

Donna – Right and the ruler of the sixth house where that Saturn is – that like an H in that outer wheel. That ruler (Venus) is in the eleventh house on Saturn.

Lynda – Yes. Oh that is interesting. 

Donna – That definitely points a finger. 

The Lunar Eclipse prior to 9/11

Astrological bi-wheel with the USA Sibley Chart in the middle and the Lunar Eclipse prior to 9/11 on the outside
Inner wheel is the USA Sibley Chart, the Lunar Eclipse prior to 9/11 is the outer wheel.

Lynda – And then we had the Lunar Eclipse prior to 9/11. So 9/11 obviously was the 11th of September. The prior Lunar Eclipse was the 5th of July 2001 at 13 ° Capricorn. And we have the Lunar Eclipse here.

Here’s the moon. Here’s the Sun opposite at 13 degrees of Cancer and inside here you can see 13 degrees Cancer is actually the Sun of the Sibley Chart.

Donna – So that has a lot to do with the vitality. The Sun has a lot to do with vitality. If not the ruler. Uranus is right in the third house, is on the natal Moon of the Sibley Chart, which is you know shocking.

Lynda – Mm yeah. It’s interesting too. The natal Uranus in the seventh house has Saturn on it and Saturn is, structures and that but it’s also the malefic, it’s the greater malefic. So, you’ve got two malefics there.

Donna – Not good… yeah

Lynda –  And with this eclipse it was happening over the second and eighth house axis of the Sibley Chart. So the second is finances and that and then the eighth is amongst other things death or in the case of a mundane chart national mourning and that as well, so…

Donna – Right, and that’s where the South Node is… it’s in the same house (2nd) co-present that Moon… is in the same house as the the South Node which means taking away.

Lynda – Yeah. It’s quite worrying. We’ve got Pluto here at 13 degrees (Sagittarius) very close to the Ascendant of the Sibley Chart at the same time as well. And Mars not far away, that aggression.

Donna – Yeah. It’s just amazing and how these these charts just speak the history.

The Lunar Eclipse prior to The Alamo

Bi-wheel with the USA Sibley Chart on the inside and the Lunar Eclipse prior to The Alamo on the outside
The inner wheel has the USA Sibley Chart. On the outside wheel is the Lunar Eclipse prior to The Alamo

Lynda – And then we have the Lunar Eclipse prior to the Alamo. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the Alamo?

Donna – Okay the Alamo took place in Texas. It was a little fort that was held by Americans and… it was… they were outnumbered by a lot of military from the Mexican government and they were trying to take that land, I believe. And there’s a saying, “Remember the Alamo” and it’s the spirit of “don’t give up” and “keep fighting” and…

Lynda – Even if it feels like you’re outnumbered and…?

Donna – Right, yeah and they were victorious at the end, so… it was, it became a… very much a folk tale in the United States.

Lynda – Yeah. Like I said, I’m Australian and I’ve heard of The Alamo and heard people say “Remember the Alamo”. Probably from movies and TV and that and I didn’t know the in-depth story but… it’s fame has spread that wide, which is what I’m trying to say.

Donna – Yeah. Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, those were the heroes that came out of it. I’m sure there were many that I’m just not thinking of right now but yeah… and the Moon is right on the Descendant (of the Sibley Chart).

It was, it was a lot of… a lot of death. I mean they… they were really outnumbered. It was quite a bloody battle. You have Jupiter right there in the 8th house on the Sun, on the natal (Sibley Chart) Sun, so… That kind of gives you a little bit of picture of what was going on.

Lynda – That Lunar Eclipse, the Moon right on the Descendant of “the other”. The other people, the other country, open enemies. Really interesting and I really like that the Ascendant of the eclipse chart is right on that Neptune in the tenth (of the Sibley Chart). So it’s become part of your… not mythology but what you were saying, folk lore and it’s part of your culture and it’s part of, yeah… just part of the mythology of your country now. I like it.

Donna – Yeah and you have Uranus at the… in the third house right on the Moon.

Lynda – That Uranus in the… on the moon. Makes me wonder if they were kind of ambushed a little bit maybe. Like they weren’t expecting it at that time maybe, I don’t know.

The Aries Ingress Charts for the events

Lynda – And we have the Aries Ingress charts here too. So for the Alamo, which we were just talking about. Do you want to explain what the Aries Ingress chart is?

Donna – The Aries ingress chart is when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries and that occurs every Spring or March. Usually around March 20th. It’s the first day of Spring. It’s the Equinox. It’s the Spring Equinox here. Is it… do they call it the Fall Equinox down below the equator?

Lynda –  We call it Autumn down here.

Donna – Okay. The Autumn Equinox. But it happens in March and when that Sun goes into the Aries… we call it the Aries Ingress and when you when you apply that to the the place (capital city) of every country you can get an idea of what every country is going to face for that year.

Which is really, really cool. And these are so telling. We did an episode on the Aries Ingress for a couple of countries on what we’re expecting in the year 2022 and it’s… they’re very interesting. We looked at ones from previous years and it’s, you can really…

Lynda – Yeah, I’m really starting to like the Aries Ingress charts. 

Donna – Yeah. For mundane astrology and that is what the entire country will… will be developing or will be experiencing. It was one of the first types of astrology, when
the king said, you know, “When do we plant?”. The astrologer would say “March 20th”.

Lynda – Or when do we attack this other…?

Donna – Or should we, or should we attack that tribe or you know is the king going to die? Is the queen going to die? You know those are major things that would affect an entire civilization and so an astrologer would look at the charts… for over 3000 years we’ve been doing this and determining the outcome of the country, what would happen.

And they could predict floods. They predict crop decline. Earthquakes. Yeah. There’s just a multitude of things that you can look at in an Aries Ingress Chart.

Lynda – Yeah they’re fascinating.

Donna – Yes they are.

Aries Ingress Chart 1835 - The Alamo

The Aries Ingress chart for 1835
The Aries Ingress Chart for 1835, set for Washington D.C.

Donna – So this is the Aries Ingress chart for 1836, so that would be for the Alamo. Right?

Lynda – Yes this one’s for the Alamo. The Alamo was in early March round about the 6th, I think.

Donna – Of course, its 1835…

Lynda – So this is actually the prior Aries Ingress. So, it takes all the way around. But yeah, so this is 1835.

Donna – Ok, I’ll put my glasses on. It’s 1835! Alright yeah. So this would be before, because the Alamo happened March 5th. So this has, this is before the March 20th. So this is going to be the end of the previous year. Of when that happened. Yeah.

Lynda – Yeah so that Mars in the seventh house of…

Donna – Open enemies.

Lynda – …open enemies. Yeah, very telling. And Saturn up in the tenth. Mind you Saturn is in Libra, so it’s exalted. So that’s nice. They did, you know stand their ground.

Donna – Yep, they did. Yeah but still you know the Moon is in the twelfth house. It’s they did… they did have fatalities. I mean… it was..

Lynda – I’m trying to think… that was at 12 degrees… what was the (prior Lunar Eclipse) degree for the Alamo? I don’t remember. Let me have a look. It was at 12 Gemini.

Donna – Okay.

Lynda – So 12 Gemini. So you’ve got the Gemini Sagittarius axis (of the Aries Ingress Chart) highlighted. 12 degrees. So that’s right conjunct that North Node. In a sixth house of trouble. The twelfth house is sometimes associated with death and the sixth house is…

Donna – Service.

Lynda – Oh, yeah actually that’s interesting because, you were talking about military and that being the sixth house and I mean these were kind of like, wasn’t it kind of like a fort? So soldiers would have been out there, I imagine. I don’t know.

Donna – I think so. Or yeah, well the sixth house is also jobs that you do that you don’t get high acclaim for as well. Which would put service…

Lynda – Public service.

Donna – … medical doctors, nurses, anybody in the medical. They usually come from the sixth house as well.

Lynda – Yeah. Also the house of illness. I don’t know if that applies here at all. But it’s interesting that yeah they were probably… they were defending, you know, this fort and yeah that’s very reminiscent I suppose of soldiers, military, that sort of thing.

Donna – And again the ruler of the sixth house is Mercury in Pisces which doesn’t, it’s not… it doesn’t like it there and it’s retrograde. So, that for sure is telling you, you know, it’s not totally positive.

Lynda –  No, it’s like you said it’s Mercury in Pisces. It’s not only in detriment, it’s in fall… and then it’s retrograde. It’s being trined by Mars. So…

Donna – Yeah definitely not happy. Mars being a malefic planet that creates or causes, well… it doesn’t cause but it it creates the energy for… what? Separation and burning and, that type of…

Lynda – Just war, violence, yeah. Actually, I was just thinking because the eclipse degree was 12 Gemini, so that means that that Mercury its ruler is actually square it (the eclipse degree). 

What does Mercury rule (in this chart)? The ninth house of foreign countries and the sixth house of… yeah.

Donna – Yeah. And that South Node in the twelfth house just because, I know that in the Sibley Chart that 12 degrees of Sagittarius is the Ascendant of the United States. So that South Node is right on the ascendant of United States.

Lynda – Of the of the Sibley Chart… interesting. Mm hmm. Must have been rather demoralizing to lose all those men.

Donna – Yeah.

Aries Ingress Chart 1941 - Pearl Harbor

Aries Ingress Chart for 1941, set for Washington D.C.
The Aries Ingress Chart for 1941, set for Washington D.C.

Lynda –  And then we have 1941 Aries Ingress Chart. This was March 1941. Pearl Harbor was 7th of December, 1941. So it fell within this Aries Ingress Chart.

Donna –  Right. So this being an Aries Ingress Chart what is the world up to? You look at the Ascendant always and then you look and that is Libra and that is ruled
by Venus and she is in the sixth house, which is not a good house. It’s Mars’ joy right?

Lynda – Yeah.

Donna – And Venus does not, is… is opposite to Mars. Yeah.

Lynda – Yeah. Interesting that Venus is exalted in Pisces. And yeah the Eclipses. So the Eclipse prior was the 5th of September which was at 12 Pisces. So it… the eclipse was falling over the sixth and twelfth houses at this time.

And we were talking about the sixth house can be related to your military. Your armed forces and it was a naval base, I believe, Pearl Harbor.

Donna  – Yeah and Pisces again, water is signified.

Lynda – We’ve got Jupiter in the eighth, that’s the ruler of this sixth house. Jupiter in the 8th (house) of death. Mm hm. Yeah.

Donna – Yeah there was a lot of death there. Yeah the sixth house and the eighth house have swapped rulers.

Lynda –  Mm yeah they have.

Donna – Jupiter’s in the eighth house and Venus is in the…

Lynda – Mutual reception, that’s interesting. But they’re… yeah they’re a little bit wide for a sextile but still… But it’s interesting because, I mean Pearl Harbor is what brought the US into the war. World War 2

You guys, kind of more or less helped… well had a huge hand in ending that war because you know, your military guys, your armed forces… just looking at that Venus there being exalted. What does Venus rule? The first house and the eighth.

But interesting too. I think when we look at these charts too you mentioned, you’ve got that Pisces that water. It was you know Pearl Harbor. It was a harbor, so water, naval ships, military. So it it all fits quite well.

I don’t think I would have looked at this chart, if I was an astrologer back then and said “oh, this is going to happen” but interesting that the 6th / 12th house was activated.

Donna – Yeah in that… eclipse before?

Lynda – The eclipse before was 12 degrees of Pisces. Which…

Donna – Is an interesting degree. It is, yeah for that chart. Cuz there’s a lot of twelves and thirteens popping up on there.

Lynda – There are a lot of twelves and thirteens in the US (Sibley) chart. Yeah.

The Aries Ingress Chart for 2001 - 9/11

The Aries Ingress Chart for 2001
The Aries Ingress Chart for 2001 set for Washington, D.C.

Lynda – And this is the Aries Ingress for 2001.

Donna – Okay so the Aries Ingress. So this is about the country. You look at the first house which is Taurus. And find the ruler of that is sitting in the twelfth house in retrograde.

Lynda – Yeah. And it’s trine that Pluto. That Pluto – death, destruction – in the eighth house of death. Trine – making it easy for that Pluto to kind of… 

Donna – To lend its abilities. 

Lynda – Yeah. Yes, Venus is debilitated and retrograde that’s a good point and I mean, you know over 3, 000 people died in the towers and… Saturn very close to the Ascendant here.

Donna – Yeah. Which you don’t want any… you really don’t want those malefics aspecting anything that’s important which… the Ascendant is probably one of the important features of a natal chart.

Lynda – Yeah and I mean we’ve got the other malefic Mars here. It’s conjunct Pluto. So, it’s not just Pluto trine this debilitated Venus. It’s Mars/Pluto.

Donna – Yeah it’s an intense… Pluto is intense. Mars is war. So it was an intense event. Yeah, for sure.

Lynda – And, we’ve got Uranus up here in the tenth house. Surprise. The eclipse prior to that was at 13 degrees of Capricorn. So that was across the third and the ninth house axis. So ninth house, foreign countries, foreign powers, other beliefs, other cultures.

Donna – Mm and Cancer is all about our security and what what makes us feel secure. Right on that axis. Yeah. Definitely shook our our sense of security.

Lynda – Yeah. I think I’ve heard it said that, you know, America lost its innocence that day. Interesting that the ruler of that eclipse degree, 13 degrees Capricorn, Saturn is right here on the Ascendant really close. 

Donna – Pretty strong Saturn. It’s in its own bounds.

Lynda – Oh I didn’t notice that. 

Donna – Yeah. It was very interesting. Like you get these these eclipse charts and, you know, when you put them together with the Aries (Ingress) charts and the Sibley Chart and you add them in with with the natal charts of the beginnings of other things and they… they’re very telling. They’re very telling.

Lynda – Yeah.  Very very interesting. And you know for individuals we look at your
natal chart. Instead of using the Sibley, we’d be using your chart looking at where the eclipses are impacting, over what houses and looking if any of those eclipses are making any connections to your natal degrees.

Donna – Yeah and it’s very interesting to watch it happen. And it’s… I mean I’ve lived through them before. It’s… but it’s very interesting to watch them coming at you. It’s like a speeding train coming at you.

There’s no getting off the track. Well not that I want to. I don’t want to get off the track. But yeah it’s, it’s it’s kind of fun, you know, like is the hit going to be okay or? Not okay. Yeah. It’s great fun.

Lynda – Well I mean yeah, there’s… life is like that, yeah.

Donna – Yeah. So if anybody needs to find out where their eclipses are going to be happening this year or just want to find out what their natal chart is saying. You
can get a hold of me at or if you want to just write me, you can, you can always DM me on FacebookI am there on Facebook. 

But if you want to the email is and I’d be happy to help you with your chart, a reading.

I do natal chart readings, Electional Astrology, Horary astrology and as well I work
with crystals. Go on to my website to find out how those will help you. And Lynda, where can people get a hold of you and what are you doing?

Lynda – I’m at Scullywag Astrology. That’s I’m on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and I’m doing readings. 

Just natal astrology. Look ahead. See what’s happening for you or have a in-depth look at your chart. I also do relationship astrology. So if you want to know how your relationships, you know, going, what’s likely to happen and yeah I think that’s it.

Donna – And you’re great on websites.

Lynda – Well thank you. Oh yes I do websites as well. Website and social media and

And yeah (re the eclipses) don’t let it intimidate you. I mean what can you do? It’s an eclipse. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. That sounds a bit brutal  doesn’t it? But, I mean, I’ve got a whole heap of eclipses coming up and I’m kind of looking forward to it. So…

Donna – Me too.

Lynda – You know, sometimes you need an eclipse to change. A shove, to kind of do something and move somewhere.

Donna – Exactly. Exactly. Life means change.

Lynda – It does, indeed. So yeah, thank you for listening. Please like, share,rate, follow. Thank you for listening.

Donna – Thanks for listening. Bye.

Lynda – Bye.

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